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G25N's "Pure Abstraction 2" is Open for Viewing
Art Call Pure Abstraction 2


G25N is proud to present the selected artists for the Exhibit "Pure Abstraction 2".
The exhibit is Open for Viewing at


How to be selected for a show at Gallery25N's online gallery. (Click here)

1st Place, Painting
"Land & Seascapes"
Artist: William Stoneham
2nd Place, Photo
"Land & Seascapes"
Artist: Maciej Duczynski
3rd Place, Photo
"Land & Seascapes"
Artist: Jason Levi
4th Place, Etching
"Land & Seascapes"
Artist: Victoria Goro Rapoport
5th Place, Photo
"Land & Seascapes"

Artist: Stuart Chape
6th Place, Painting
"Land & Seascapes"

Artist: Misure Nien
7th Place, Drawing
"Land & Seascapes"

Artist: Erwin Lewandowski