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Winners Showcase - "Drawing 2"

First Place.

Zena Fairweather - USA

Title: Father and son
Medium: Graphite ink charcoal
Size: 30" x 22"


Second Place.

Maria DAngelo - USA

Title: I Strike First

Medium: Nero pencil on Bristol
Size: 17" x 10"

Third Place.

Holly Siniscal - USA

Title: Dancing shoes
Medium: colored pencil
Size: 24" X 14"

Fourth Place.

Erwin Lewandowski - USA

Title: Cascading Water VIII
Medium: Colored Pencil Pigment Ink Liner Graphite Pencil
Size: 16" x 21"

Fifth Place.

Andrew Denman - USA

Title: Icarus Fallen
Medium: Graphite and Nero Pencil on Crescent Watercolor Board
Size: 15.75" x 23.75"

Sixth Place.

Dan Pyle - USA

Title: Crushed
Medium: Charcoal
Size: 16" x 20"

Seventh Place.

Marcos Rey - Peru

Title: Mjolnir
Medium: Charcoal & white pastel on board
Size: 55 x 31cm

Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mention

Maja Poljak - UAE

Title: Burdock
Medium: Chalk on paper
Size: 120 x 180 cm


Honorable Mention

Matthew Bailey - USA

Title: Vision Quest
Medium: Graphite and stitching on paper
Size: 28" x 20"


Honorable Mention

Eva Csanyi Hurskin - USA

Title: Queensboro Bridge To Manhattan
Medium: Graphite and charcoal on recycled cartridge paper
Size: 15" x 20"


Honorable Mention

HakChul Kim - USA

Title: Advanced Female
Medium: Charcoal and Charcoal pencil
Size: 30" x 40"


Honorable Mention

Holly Bedrosian - USA

Title: Daddys Hand
Medium: Colored pencil
Size: 14" x 11"


Honorable Mention

Andrzej Rachon - Poland

Title: Tesla
Medium: Oil Pastels
Size: 100 x 140 cm


Honorable Mention

Michal Straska - Slovakia

Title: Staying on the right place
Medium: Pencil on paper
Size: 59 x 42 cm


Honorable Mention

Barbara Berry - USA

Title: Stan at sunrise
Medium: Soft pastel
Size: 24" x 18"


Honorable Mention

Najin Bae - USA

Title: Female Nude
Medium: Pastel on paper
Size: 18" x 24"


Honorable Mention

Susan Perrish - USA

Title: Kate
Medium: Charcoal graphite and pastel
Size: 14" x 18"

Open for Submissions
"Faces Of Humanity"
Deadline: January 16, 2017 (Midnight EST)
"Seeing Blue Coming Soon"
Deadline: 00/00/000 (Midnight EST)
Honorable Mention
"Drawing 2"
Artist: Maja Poljak
Honorable Mention
"Drawing 2"
Artist: Matthew Bailey
Honorable Mention
"Drawing 2"
Artist: Eva Csanyi Hurskin
Honorable Mention
"Drawing 2"
Artist: HakChul Kim
Honorable Mention
"Drawing 2"
Artist: Holly Bedrosian
Honorable Mention
"Drawing 2"
Artist: Andrzej Rachon
Honorable Mention
"Drawing 2"
Artist: Michal Straska
Honorable Mention
"Drawing 2"
Artist: Barbara Berry
Honorable Mention
"Drawing 2"
Artist: Najin Bae
Honorable Mention
"Drawing 2"
Artist: Susan_Perrish