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International Artist Groups
Art Competition is able to provide exposure for artists and their accomplishment and gallery exhibits to 477,000 people worldwide through the following art groups and in social media platforms.

Social Media Marketing
Our services are able to present artists’ works and gallery exhibits to over 26,000 viewers internationally in the social media listings below.

Fine Art Websites and e-Mail Marketing
We have an audience of 117,000 between newsletters and website visitors.



Art & Art Dreams: 2,277 members

Abstract Art: 16,430 members

Art Market: 452 members

Lange Creative Art Consultants International: 19,271 members

Drawing Group: 1,844 members

Professional Artist Magazine Group: 8,207 members

National Art Education Association: 13,467 members

Zenwhisperer Zen Art Creativity: 13,133 members

Art Marketing: 38,510 members

Fine Art Professionals & Collectors: 36,036 members

Globalization ICAS (International Contemporary Art & Sculpture): 6,150 members

ART Professionals Worldwide | NOENGA®: 127,190 members

The Art Collector Network: 18,134 members

World Art Photography: 161 members

Talk Art: 2,029 members

Fine Art - Artists and Dealers: 13,133 members

ART NETWORK - Artists & Galleries:  8,026 members


American Watercolor Society: 17,743 members

Watercolour Sketchers: 29,430 members

Watercolor Impressionist(수채화): 7,568 members

The Hudson Valley in pictures: 58,311 members

Fine Arts of Water Colour: 12,857 members

Real Art Point:  39,818 members

 (Total Reach in Art Groups 477,042 Members)



LinkedIn Connections: 21,000 Connections
Facebook EAB: 1,167 Connections

Facebook Gallery 25N: 253 Connections

Google + EAB: 500 Connections

Google + Gallery 25N: 1200 Connections

Instagram Gallery 25N: 100 Connections

Instagram EAB: 1,091 Connections

Tumblr: 147 Followers

YouTube Channel Gallery 25N: 630 Subscribers (182,000 Views to date)

Social media connections and followers: 26,088



International Artist Directory Website: 15,000 The number of visitors to date from inception in 2014.

Art Market News – Newsletter: 32,300 Subscribers Consisting of art buyers, cooperated art managers, gallery owners, exhibit curators, interior designers, architects, and art lovers.

Art Market News Website: 28,000 Followers.  This is a template on Tumbler.

Gallery 25N Website 254,000 Visitors to date. This is from inception in 2012.

Gallery 25N Clientele 22,000 mailing listClientele from our Brick and Mortar and online galleries. Consisting of art buyers, cooperated art managers, gallery owners, exhibit curators, interior designers, architects, and patrons of the arts.
Newsletter recipients and websites victors annually: 117,000

1st Place
"Mind, Spirit & Emotion"
Artist: Alex Cuchilla
2nd Place
"Mind, Spirit & Emotion"
Artist: Charlotta Janssen
3rd Place
"Mind, Spirit & Emotion"
Artist: Victoria Novak
1st Place
"Water" The Essence of Life
Artist: Hannah Ueno
2nd Place
"Water" The Essence of Life
Artist: Massimo Onnis
3rd Place
"Water" The Essence of Life
Artist: Rob Macintosh
4th Place
"Water" The Essence of Life
Artist: Tomek Biniek