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Open Art Calls

"Still Life"  $7,575 in Cash and Prizes

Deadline: September 08, 2014 (Midnight EST)

Medium: Drawing & Painting

"Still Life" A still life artwork featuring an arrangement of inanimate, everyday objects, whether natural organic objects such as flowers, food, wine, etc and or manufactured items such as books, bottles, crockery, etc.

"The Still Life art is an under estimated art genre, the art is usually quiet and subtle in its communication, however it's narrative can speak volumes about a culture, a society or a lifestyle."                                                                 
 - Edward Burke

Art Call - "Pure Abstraction"
10 Artists Group Exhibition at G25N's online gallery.

Deadline: September 15, 2014 (Midnight EST)

Medium: All 2D Medium, Painting, Drawing, Photography, Digital, Collage, Mixed Media, Etc...

Ten artists will be selected for the group exhibit "Pure Abstraction" at G25N's online gallery. The exhibit will consist of one work of art selected from each of the selected artist's entries.

Theme: "Pure Abstraction" The work should be purely abstract with little to no depiction of the real world (as in nonrepresentational). This work must rely on form, color and line to create a composition, which is independent from visual references of the world.

This Competition is open to all artists 18 years of age or older working in any painting, drawing, photography or digital medium. Our mission is to provide artists with exposure and extensive marketing of their art and accomplishments to our national and international list of clientele.

"What goes on in abstract art is the proclaiming of aesthetic principles... It is in our own time that we have become aware of pure aesthetic considerations. Art never can be imitation."
                                                                                                       - Hans Hofmann

"Solo Exhibition"  CLOSED

See Winner of the Solo Exhibition

Medium: Painting, Drawing, Photography, Digital, Collage, Mixed Media, Any 2D Medium

  • Submission Opens: 05/30/14 - May /30/2014
  • Submission Deadline: 07/21/14 (EST) - July /21/2014
  • Curator Selection: 07/24/14 - July /24/2014
  • Artist Notification: 07/30/14 - July /30/2014
  • Exhibit Opens: 08/22/14 - August /22/2014

Solo Exhibition opens on August 22, 2014 at G25N's online gallery

1st Place
"The Figure Revealed"
Artist: Tony Luciani
2nd Place
"The Figure Revealed"
Artist: Afsaneh Dehbozorgi
3rd Place
"The Figure Revealed"
Artist: Dan Pyle
4th Place
"The Figure Revealed"
Artist: Seta Injeyan
1st Place
"Mind, Spirit & Emotion"
Artist: Alex Cuchilla
2nd Place
"Mind, Spirit & Emotion"
Artist: Charlotta Janssen
3rd Place
"Mind, Spirit & Emotion"
Artist: Victoria Novak
1st Place "Scapes"
Artist: Artur Golacki
2nd Place "Scapes"
Artist: Adrienne Kirby Egger
3rd Place "Scapes"
Artist: Cheryl Godin